Lootcase (2020), Nandan Kumar working in a newspaper printing press lives a normal life with wife Lata. And son Ayush he finds difficult to meat ends financially. Once while returning from the night shift he finds an abandoned suitcase full of cash. Nandan takes the bag along with him and hides it in his neighbor’s house in his village. The suitcase belongs to MLA Patil and got abandoned as a shootout took place between his men Omar and Abdul and Bala Rathod’s men Graduate and Rajan. Nandan starts to live a lavish life with the money hiding it from Lata. And everyone Patil soon appoints Inspector Kolte to search the bag at any cost as it also a file that has details of land grabbing.

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lootcase 2020

Director: Rajesh Krishnan
Writers: Rajesh Krishnan (Writer), Kapil Sawant (Writer)
Stars: Kunal Khemu, Rasika Dugal, Gajraj Rao

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